Date Night.

Date Night.

I am lame. It is Friday night. It was supposed to be date night.  Irish Weekend in our town…tons of people, parties, music…lots of fun to be had.

As I stated, I am lame.  I could not get myself motivated to do it…the much anticipated, needed, wanted date night.  A night out with my hubby. a.k.a. boyfriend/best friend, to talk freely, drink to be merry, and laugh about anything and everything.  To be adults and not need to be interrupted 800 times during a meal to cut food or take kids to the bathroom ( that don’t really need to go but are sick of sitting at the table and coloring on placemats and just want to check out the bathroom) or deal with picking up the same toy off the floor twenty times and the inevitable spilling of a drink…on the table, in laps, in a shoe.

It happens…every time. No joke.

I adore my kids and love teaching them about how to behave in nice restaurants and trying new foods, but it is utterly exhausting. As I sit there cutting chicken tenders and testing fries to see if they are still scalding hot from the fryer, I daydream about date night.

To apply a little extra makeup, wear a white shirt, without worrying about snot, spills or hand prints on it. To pick a place and not worry about whether or not they have a kiddie menu…to sit in silence if we so choose…oh how I fantasize.

And yet, here I am blogging in sweatpants instead of applying eye makeup and perfume.

It is Friday night.  Up since five a.m. Attempting to go back to sleep several times, but never able to. The two little ones still coming to me (never my husband) to say they cannot sleep and to please let them snuggle…in my queen size bed.  At first, I could care less…I am half asleep and this has been happening to me on and off for almost eighteen years.  But around two or three a.m., I wake up with children wrapped all over me like Velcro…or an octopus…or both.

I so envision myself out on the town, sharing laughs with my husband and friends that we haven’t seen all summer. On this beautiful fall night, with my best friend. The guy that said to me- I get it…you are exhausted…so how about I take the kids out for ice cream and give you some time alone? That guy…the guy that gets me and loves me and will wait for tomorrow to have a date night.  So I hope that writing this doesn’t bring me bad karma and that I cannot go out tomorrow for some disastrous reason…that it puts my sleepy, cranky vibes out there in the universe so I can justify not forcing myself after a LONG day, of sitting here writing and watching bad t.v. to make tomorrow night the better choice for date night…hopefully a good night’s sleep. Taking my time with chores. Giving myself time to apply makeup and find a clean shirt without stains. And enjoy…actually enjoy…date night.

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