It seems appropriate to me after not being able to write for weeks now, to title my latest blog about the reason…Fleas.

I am hoping this will be short and sweet, but that could unleash some bad karma on me, as things seem to be settling down finally with our “house guests”.

We didn’t invite them. There was no party for them to crash…but they came in like gangbusters. One by one (maybe ten by ten), and slowly decided to take over our lives.

Creepy, crawly, or jumpy-  whichever way you look at it, they have officially ruined the last month or so of our lives.

Instead of thinking of something clever to write or something relevant to Karma being a “good thing”, I spent almost every free second online researching how destroy these little buggers “nicely”.

My husband doesn’t want to play “nice” anymore…he has had it. The kids have had it. Bites galore on one of my children, is enough to drive us mad. The feeling of them on our skin getting ready for the attack…insane…AND gross.

I refuse to bomb the house and expose us to any more chemicals, not to mention packing up every blessed item in our bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. We may still need to do it, but I am hoping the salt and baking soda all over every inch of our  hardwood floors and carpets is doing the trick along with all sorts of pills/ointments/combing I can administer…the only bonus to my floors looking like a bad baking experiment or drug lord’s den, is the instant ice skating rink for the kids and kittens.

The feeling of bugs in our hair or beds is in our imagination, for sure…I hope…

We all stand around looking at the mess these little uninvited guests have done in the last few weeks…it is unreal.

My house hasn’t been this clean in ages, yet still feels so dirty. My vacuum is my new best friend, as well as a few drinks every night after endless washing and bagging things up to throw outside…will it ever end?

Apparently it will. From the countless message boards I have scoured, to articles online and friends’ advice on social media…they all sympathize with us, having gone through it, survived, and can now tell me how to do things…so that is the light at the end of this nightmare…

Maybe my next blog will be about giving advice on HOW TO GET RID OF FLEAS FOREVER…

But I won’t get ahead of myself…

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  1. Fleas are horrible little critters! A flea infestation is the worst…and so hard to get rid of. I have a Dogsitting business and I’m always terrified of someone bringing fleas into my house. Thankfully, in my 15 years of doing this, it hasn’t happened. But the terror still reigns. I’m allergic to fleas, just like your child, and the bites are awful. I was staying at a friend’s apartment and couldn’t understand what the heck was biting me until I saw a flea on his cat. He did the flea powder on the carpet and it seemed to work. I don’t know for how long though because I split pretty quick after that.
    I empathize with you and hope you can banish them soon…if only for the sake of your sanity…

    Michele at Angels Bark

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      • Oh, haha! I didn’t see that it was from last year. Glad you aren’t still dealing with them. Hopefully they stay at bay. Do you treat your lawn? I use Adams and it sprays on with your hose. It is a chemical though, which I hate to use too, but I haven’t found an effective natural remedy… Let me know if you have a natural remedy that you’re happy with…


  2. Omg, I know exactly how you’re feeling! Five years ago, I’ve had a flea outbreak in my house which lasted 6 months. I eventually ended it by going full on chemical and emptying about 20 cans of ‘die fleas, die’-spray, having to spend 2 nights at my parents’ place because the air was so toxic.
    What was even worse for me was that I appeared to be the only one who was allergic to the flea bites? I still bear the scars on my legs.
    A few months ago, I discovered a few flea bites again on my legs and back and went into panic mode right away. I treat my animals every month as a precaution, yet STILL, the nasty little buggers have managed to get in. Vacuuming every day, washing the sheets, sincerely hoping this won’t turn into another outbreak again. I moved to a different house now with less shaggy carpet, so hopefully I can keep things at bay, but sheesh, just reading your post here makes my old scars get a phantom itch again. Brrr. I wish you tons of good luck!

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    • Thank you for reading and sharing your story! THANKFULLY this is a reblog and I am praying with all the warm weather, we don’t have an outbreak before winter! This was last year, and I have been so anxious about it happening again…torture! I think my daughter is allergic too…she was the one who was attacked constantly and some bites turned into welts!

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      • Oh darn, I didn’t even notice it said 2014! Good for you!! I hope you’ll be spared again as well. I saw a poster at the vet the other day, saying to save yourself from a ‘Vlorijk’ Christmas, vlorijk being a pun on ‘vrolijk’, which is Dutch for ‘merry’, but now meaning ‘rich in flees’. My heart started racing again after reading that! Mine also turn into welts. I’ve got a giant one on my upper leg now for 2 weeks, all because of one flea bite. Meh! *frantically sprints for the vacuum cleaner*


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  4. I can’t imagine how horrible this has been. Cross fingers and touch wood in all my travels I’ve never encountered fleas. Or bedbugs. I once had a cat with fleas, years ago, but I don’t remember it being a huge problem. I have a friend who’s apartment has been infested with bedbugs for months. Ugh. Complete nightmare. Hope you’re at the end if this little nightmare.


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