We have three beautiful, smart, amazing girls…


And now a son.

He will be turning three tomorrow.

And I am not sure I like that.

Yes he drives me mad, and is the ultimate mess maker. He screams and yells. And even hits sometimes.

But he is my son.

I am wildly astounded that I have a son now.

We had just the three girls for so long and thought we were done.

The factory was closed.

But he is here now, completing our family circle. He, like our daughters, commands attention from all those around him when he is in a room.

He is funny and and tough and loud…and yet can be so sweet and lovable.


I will never forget the moment I met him. His almost eleven pound body was so warm and the nurse leaned him in for a kiss…his sweet soft baby skin was so warm. 

I have never felt such an instant bond…and fear all at once.

I have bonds with my girls, don’t get me wrong.

But he is my last. He is my boy.

The moment we met will live with me forever as I watch him grow from chubby little fingers, into a young man with strong hands, who will honor and protect and provide for his family someday as his father does now for us.

I may cry in my pillow tonight as I relive that day three years ago when I delivered my last child.

Admittedly, I am not that mom that soaks up every minute of being the best mommy ever and relishing all the little moments I share with my children.

I try. But that is not real life.

My almost three-year-old is napping peacefully right now, so I am stealing this moment to soak it up…

I have three beautiful daughters…and a son.

Happy birthday, Chance.


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  1. Happy now FOURTH birthday to our amazing little guy! And we have unofficially added his big brother Robb to the mix of craziness we call our family since I first wrote this post! A very unconventional life, but it makes us who we are and will make Chance a better person for it, someday!


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