The Wedding.

The Wedding.


I remember my wedding day vividly. Family, friends, the dress, the weather…the moment.

The moment when I realized I was not alone in this world anymore…I had this person who I trusted with my heart and soul to be by my side forever.

I took my vows seriously, and still do to this day.

After many ups and downs and life slapping us in the face a few too many times, we are still holding strong. Through the sick part, good and bad…

 Until the end…

I have watched the women in my family live by their vows and swore to myself as a young bride to follow in their footsteps. They too have had their challenges…and their losses.

It is on days like today,  as we women come together with the love and support of family and friends, to hold each other up and remember our special day when we took our vows as we will witness my cousin do today. We will remember the men and women we lost, those who lived each day to strengthen their bonds with their partners and honor their commitments.

We will keep them close to our hearts today and maybe shed a tear that they are not sitting next to their partners, but these strong-willed spirits will then give us the courage to smile and remember them fondly…

These special moments are etched in our minds forever, as they were for my grandparents almost seventy-five years ago and will be for my cousin and her soulmate seventy-five years from now.

We will smile sweetly remembering our wedding day, then weep a little at the realization at how time goes so fast…and how much can change in an instant.

The wedding day will be celebrated today for two beautiful people starting a journey of good days and bad, surrounded by their loved ones who will lift them up and protect them when they need it most.

Toast to the bride and groom…

A lifetime of smiles to warm your hearts…

Strength to keep you moving forward…

Love to blanket your lives together…download

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