Complete Sentences.


Not sure when the last time was that I was allowed to or able to finish a sentence.  Since I became a parent, I feel as if I let my family railroad my voice…making their opinions/situations/discussions more important than my own.frazzled[1]

So I will take my Blog/Soapbox to speak my mind…

Oh wait.

I forgot what I was going to say…I guess it wasn’t that important anyway.

Or maybe it was…and then that just plain old stinks…because I may have really had some groundbreaking news that will awaken me in the middle of the night…then what?

Blog it? Journal it? Facebook it?

Facebook Soap Box

Sometimes I may just do that, and I have…which is actually how I started blogging.

I woke up in the middle of the night back in the summer wondering what in the world to do with all my crazy thoughts…especially those sentences that never see the period or question mark or even a stinking exclamation mark (because what I had to say was just that damn good!).

Hence months of writing and venting and trying to make myself or others laugh.

I am quickly going to finish typing this as my husband has just walked in for dinner after a long day, and the kids begin to ambush him/us about their days...let the chatter begin…I may or may not get a word in edgewise...dinner

Laugh out loud…

Nah…not tonight.

Between the whining and hungry kids with lots to say…I am not holding my breath.

Maybe tomorrow night.

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