I am just your average mother/wife/sister/daughter.  I am also just your average everyday believer in Karma.  Not the bad Karma that everyone refers to when things go terribly wrong. The kind of Karma that helps me to keep things in perspective.  The good OR the bad.  I am also a believer that everything does happen for a reason, which I guess is where I started realizing it is all on how we base our days…good ones and bad ones.  Everything DOES happen for a reason because we make it happen…or not.  So I begin my journey as a blogger to vent about my good days and bad ones and how they cross paths…because as a daughter/sister/wife/mother (NEVER in the same order) we all need to vent…or to reach out to others that maybe can help guide us through life’s complexities and find comfort and maybe that happy moment that was lost…



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