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So being optimistic and planning the future full of good times, travel and surrounding yourself with love and happiness with friends and family turns into absolute misery?


How’s that fair?

To always play the game of Life fair.

To be honest. 

To be loving and caring. 

And then say “sorry, bud”…game’s over.


That’s it, huh?

No points for never being arrested, or abusive or neglectful?

No sympathy card for standing by the family when things just…well, hit the fan .

No bonus points for optimism?

And I guess. ..”No Get Out Of Jail” cards….

Well, damn it. I AM requesting all of the above. It  is not an option, God.

I am demanding it.

I know you are listening.

Because you have answered my prayers after yet another worrisome mammogram.

So what the heck???

Why in the WORLD are you ignoring this one??

Do you not sense my panicky tone? My desperation?

Where is the fairness,  right now?

Please tell me this.

Cancer. Does. NOT. Play…