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So day two of a rainy weekend…I am feeling a bad karma kind of day coming on.  Two days of being in the house…those scattered toys yesterday are now feeling knee deep.  I am overwhelmed with cooking and cleaning, and whining and messes…I know there are people out there with more pressing issues-loss or illness or a broken heart. I try to keep reminding me of those things as I vent quietly to my husband or out loud when I feel I cannot handle much more…

It is all relative, I guess. The messes can be cleaned. The meals can simply be put away and order take out. The whining can be dealt with…as long as I remember to breathe…just breathe as every book/therapist/women’s magazine that I have read says when searching for that inner calm…

My one wish that I will hold onto forever is looking for peace within myself…that messes and bickering are not important. To be more like my husband who strives to live every day to its fullest…who believes that the messes CAN be dealt with on another day…his weekends are for getting away from the stresses of work and building a business. MY weekends are for getting all those projects completed that he cannot help me with during the week…so the balance on the weekends is always a struggle…fun vs. responsibility. I want to have fun too but find on Monday morning the burden of many house projects still unfinished and/or argued about till I cave and go to the beach. I love the beach too, but in its simplicity. Not hundreds of pounds of boards and toys and gear dragged down for hours of playtime…I long for a chair and a book and a cocktail and sand on my toes…

My venting today is based on being frazzled…nothing major…definitely a minor point in life. Frazzled is defined as such…

adjective: frazzled; past participle: frazzled; past tense: frazzled
  1. cause to feel completely exhausted; wear out.
    “a frazzled parent”
    Yep. That’s me today. Another rainy day. But I am determined to find the good karma in my day, so I with that, I will attempt to unfrazzle myself and find balance. A little fun AND some work to do around the house.

Rainy Saturdays


Nothing is more soothing than hearing the rain at night while lying in bed…well except when it is 3 in the morning and sleep seems impossible.  That is about the time when I realized that maybe I should start writing a blog…as my mind was racing with all sorts of topics…why I am wide awake for the third night in a row, family drama, friend drama, all the projects that we have to finish around the house… It was an endless list. By the time I finally dozed off, I think my mother-in-law was awake brewing her coffee and checking her email.  She is forever an early riser (before even the roosters rise)…I am sure it makes for a long yet productive day…that is, until about seven p.m. and eyelids start drooping and your bed is calling your name.

So I have been awake with my little ones and husband on this rainy Saturday for hours now.  What to do at the beach with thousands of other people looking to entertain themselves and family?  Not sure yet, since I am looking around at breakfast that needs to be cleaned up from earlier (and then starting lunch) and toys scattered everywhere.  Hopefully this rainy Saturday lends itself to being a “good karma” kind of day and we can balance productivity with a little fun thrown in…only the hours ahead will tell.