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It’s White. It’s Wet. It’s Cold.

It’s White. It’s Wet. It’s Cold.

Yep. It’s a comin’…a good old blizzard…or snowstorm for some…but good enough to close the state down. School’s out.

Yay! (I think.)

And NO alarm clocks.

I remember those days as a kid. Anxiously awaiting the call. The ONLY time I didn’t mind waking to the sound of a phone ringing at 5:00am. Sitting and waiting and waiting in front of a t.v. for our school name or number to show up on the news.

And when it didn’t…well, I am sure most anyone knows that feeling…the let down of Mother Nature.

The pure dread of having to go get dressed and come up with an excuse for the teacher as to why the homework is incomplete (along with twenty other kids in the class)…mothers huffing and puffing trying to whip up lunches in ten minutes since they spent their usual prep time watching the news as well or calling neighbors to see if they heard anything yet.

That is tonight.

Let the waiting begin.

We are pretty certain it is officially called off…but my luck, there will be an invisible bubble over our town, or turn tropically warm and melt it…the white…wet…cold stuff. Thank goodness I had my milk, bread, and eggs already…but, dang it…I forgot the wine.

It’s gonna be a long 48 hours.

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